Iselin Nybø and Christina Aabo were elected as new board members in Wind Spider AS in an extraordinary general meeting 28 March 2022. “We are very pleased to welcome two experienced and skilled new members of the board of WindSpider. Their competence and contributions will be highly valuable for the company in its efforts to reduce wind turbine installation and maintenance cost. The board and management of WindSpider is very much looking forward to work together with Iselin and Christina in the exciting times ahead.” says the chairman of WindSpider, Hans Olav Hide.

About Iselin Nybø

Iselin Nybø has served as Minister of Trade and Industry (2020 – 2021), Minister of Research and Higher Education (2018 – 2020) and member of the Norwegian Parliament (2013 – 2021). She has a law degree from the University of Bergen, has worked as a lawyer between 2006 – 2013 and will soon take up the position as partner in Schjødt. Iselin Nybø has a profound interest and long experience in working towards the energy transition.

About Christina Aabo

Christina Aabo strengthens WindSpider with strong links to the global wind energy industry where she has been working since 1998. Initially as engineer within R&D, but since 2002 as leader within technology development and product management at wind turbine OEMs as NEG Micon, Suzlon and Vestas. From 2010 to 2022 she headed operations and asset management and R&D department and program at offshore developer and owner Ørsted. Christina has had numerous advisory board positions supplemented by professional board of director positions since 2012 and is today part time working as board member and part time as advisor and consultancy within renewable power.

About WindSpider

WindSpider is a technology company that develops a new modular self-erecting crane system for wind turbines. The WindSpider solution include the tower of the wind turbine as part of the crane and as such enables mobilization at a lower height using standard vessels offshore or cranes onshore. The WindSpider crane is designed for installation and maintenance for both bottom-fixed and floating substructures. WindSpider provides a +50% cost reduction for installation and maintenance of next generation of bottom-fixed and floating WTGs. The cost reduction is achieved by using vessels and cranes with substantially lower day rates and availability compared to new wind turbine installation vessels and ring cranes. The solution does also allow for game changing offshore maintenance of floating WTGs instead of tow-in to shore. As such, WindSpider will contribute to reduced LCOE, which is welcomed by the developers in the fast-growing offshore wind industry. With an effective lifting capacity of 1200+ metric ton and by eliminating relative motion between crane and tower, WindSpider solves issues with today’s solutions and is prepared for next generations of 15 – 20 MW wind turbines at a substantially lower cost.


FLOWTOM Project Partners

Cooperation between WindSpider and FLOWTOM project partners

by | May 7, 2024 | News | 0 Comments

FLOWTOM (Floating Offshore Wind Turbines Operation and Maintenance) is a multi-partner research project launched in 2021, with the objective of progressing the...

Petter Birkeland

Petter Birkedal becomes a new board member at WindSpider

by | Apr 5, 2024 | News | 0 Comments

We would like to share that our board member, Torstein Øygarden, will now be stepping down to a Board Deputy position. We want to take this opportunity to extend our...

Gigantic Aluminium Spiders

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WindSpider launches a step-changing crane for use on increasingly larger wind turbines. The self-erecting crane has no weight or height limitations and can be used in...

DNV Statement of Feasibility

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DNV has issued a Statement of Feasibility for the first full-scale WindSpider system. The system has been evaluated in accordance with DNV-RP-A203...

Iselin Nybø and Christina Aabo become board members in WindSpider

by | Mar 29, 2022 | News | 0 Comments

Iselin Nybø and Christina Aabo were elected as new board members in Wind Spider AS in an extraordinary general meeting 28 March 2022. “We are very pleased to welcome...

WindSpider secures NOK 8.9 million in grant from Innovation Norway

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WindSpider has been awarded a NOK 8.9 million grant from Innovation Norway related to the development and technical qualification of the WindSpider crane system. “We...

Wind Spider AS completes fundraising

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Wind Spider AS announces that it has secured investments from industrial and financial investors in addition to existing shareholders in November 2021

Wind Spider AS appoints Kent Lynggaard Vinkel as new CEO

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Wind Spider AS announce that Mr. Kent Lynggaard Vinkel will be joining WindSpider as CEO as of 1st of January 2022.

WindSpider at Wind Europe Electric city

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WindSpider will attend the Electric City conference in Copenhagen 23 – 24 November. We look forward meeting existing and new business partners.

André Ølberg new CFO & Commercial Director

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We are pleased to announce that Mr. André Ølberg has joined WindSpider as CFO & Commercial Director.

Kjell-Erik Østdahl becomes a new board member WindSpider

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We are strengthening the board of directors and are pleased that Mr. Kjell-Erik Østdahl has accepted to join the board and becoming a shareholder in the company.

Support for pre-commercialization

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WindSpider has been awarded financial support from Innovation Norway for performing feasibility studies.