The WindSpider crane is a universal self-erecting solution using the tower of the wind turbines as part of the crane when performing installation, maintenance, re-powering, and decommissioning of wind turbines.

The WindSpider attaches to the tower and moves up and down using mast sections. At each step upwards, the WindSpider lifts the next or wanted section of the tower or turbine, including the rotor blades, in place. When it’s all done, the WindSpider reverse the process back to the starting point at the base and is lifted off. As WindSpider is part of the wind turbine tower there are no relative movements between the WindSpider crane and wind turbine when lifting components.


WindSpider Pro

  • WindSpider Pro has sufficient lifting capacity to install or replace all parts of an offshore wind turbine, including the nacelle.
  • Can be used inshore as well as offshore, for fixed and floating turbines.
  • Eliminates the need for large and expensive jack-up vessels, and hence increased availability.


WindSpider Lite

  • WindSpider Lite is designed for maintenance operations, with a lifting capacity of 150 metric ton.
  • It is perfectly fit for repair and replacement of turbine blades, gear box and other components.
  • Solution fit for bottom fixed and enables maintenance offshore for floating offshore wind.

WindSpider Benefits

Heavier & Higher

Has the capability to lift a 1200+ metric ton heavy nacelle at 200+ meters height – prepared for next generations of wind turbine

Flexible Mobilization

By conventional crane from quay, barge or vessel or roll-on system – offshore /inshore

Game changer for offshore floating wind

Enables maintenance and replacement of parts of floating wind turbine at location offshore

Flexible WindSpider installation

WindSpider deck can be mounted on transition piece, tower or integrated with the floater

Significant cost savings

A scalable and modular solution that reduce end-customer cost by +50% and hence improved LCOE for offshore wind

Flexible vessel

Can use different types of vessels for installation and maintenance as no high lift from vessel is required


Operate at a similar or improved time schedule vs today’s solution both inshore and offshore

Harsh environment

Designed for harsh and challenging offshore conditions, with reduced downtime

Availability & Uptime

Improved availability for WindSpider vs other installation vessels. Reduced wind turbine downtime from improved time from breakdown to repair

No relative motion & improved HSE

No relative motion between the crane and turbine/tower when lifting parts for the critical and very accurate assembly = improved HSE